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Civic Sponsorships

We’re committed to supporting local, civic causes.

To make a difference in the communities in which we live and operate, Frankenmuth Insurance supports civic causes throughout the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast regions through sponsorship funding. In exchange for funding, the company should receive an appropriate level of recognition via advertising, signage, event participation, and/or media recognition.

What Frankenmuth Insurance supports

Our company supports events and causes that strengthen and promote communities in the following areas:

  • Human services: Children and family services; youth development, shelter, and crisis services; food banks; homeless services; social services
  • Arts, culture, humanities: Libraries, historical societies, and landmark preservation; museums; performing arts
  • Education: Childhood education through grade 12 and special education, including public, private, and parochial schools

What Frankenmuth Insurance does not support

The company does not contribute to the following types of causes:

  • Individuals or families
  • Animal shelters or animal welfare organizations
  • Religion, churches, and church events
  • Charitable donations
  • Scholarship funds
  • Political action groups
  • Operational expenses
  • Projects normally financed by governments
  • Any event that can be considered discriminatory or potentially controversial
  • Events or causes for which the headline sponsor is another insurance carrier
  • An organization whose stated goals, interests, or values conflict with the company’s

What you need to know about our application process

All applications for civic sponsorships will be reviewed and approved by the Frankenmuth Insurance civic sponsorship committee.

To be considered for a civic sponsorship, the submitting organization must complete our online application form and be advised of the following guidelines:

  • Funds will be used to support events and causes in communities where the company operates, i.e., where it employs people and/or has appointed agencies.
  • Events and causes must be relevant to our target audiences and our core purpose of providing peace of mind.
  • Causes should support residents and businesses in our communities as opposed to events that are focused on tourists.
  • Sponsorships must offer an opportunity to promote the company through advertising, signage, social media recognition, logo on the event/applicant’s website, giveaway items, or other participation.
  • Applications should be received at least 4 weeks prior to any event or deadline.
  • Organizations shall be eligible for one event/cause sponsorship per year.

If you feel your organization meets our sponsorship criteria, please visit our application page to submit your request.