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Delivery drivers can experience long drives and long days as they move product from your shop or warehouse to consumers’ doors. In recent years, at-home shopping habits have only increased. That means delivery drivers are busier than ever. But there are also risks along the route. Things like theft, distracted driving, and being uninformed can leave drivers in harm’s way.

To protect delivery drivers on every leg of their busy trip, equip them with these 10 delivery driver safety tips:

  1. Stay aware of surroundings. While driving from one stop to the next on a route, pay attention to ensure no vehicles are following.
  2. Light the way. Especially at night, drivers should park in safe, well-lit areas like under streetlamps. If a driver is approaching a house or building with dim lighting, they can use their headlights to light the path to the door. Even better? Avoid evening drop-offs altogether when possible.
  3. Lock up. Drivers should always lock the vehicle and carry the keys when delivering a package to the door. You don’t want anyone to swipe packages while the driver steps away.
  4. Be discreet about physical transactions. Does the delivery transaction include a monetary exchange? If so, encourage delivery drivers to be discreet. The last thing you want is for nearby neighbors or strangers to see a large amount of money handed off.
  5. Carry a limited amount of cash. In the same vein, it can be safer if drivers carry a limited amount of cash. Some businesses even display signs on their delivery vehicles that say “Drivers carry a limited amount of cash” to deter theft.
  6. Use cameras. Consider installing a camera on the dashboard of the vehicle. If there’s damage, theft or another incident, this can protect delivery drivers and help law enforcement catch offenders.
  7. Know the road. Before putting the vehicle in Drive, delivery drivers should familiarize themselves with the route to reach the destination quickly and safely. Sitting idly while lost or asking for directions are some of the top causes of carjacking.
  8. Consider casual dress. Sometimes, delivery uniforms can make drivers stand out. Instead, opt for casual “everyday” clothes that sport a small company logo so customers still know it’s your business.
  9. Provide training. This can include company etiquette, defensive driving, tips to prevent distracted driving and more.
  10. Use the buddy system. When possible, send two drivers out for delivery together. Not only can the second driver give directions, they can be on watch for the vehicle and their colleague during drop-offs.

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