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Ready for that roof repair? Craving a new kitchen? Need a larger space for your growing family? It sounds like home renovations are in store.

Before getting started, you may be wondering: Does home insurance cover home improvements, and will upgrading different areas of my home affect my rates and coverage?

Let’s explore some of the most common home improvements and what they mean for your home’s value and your insurance rates.

  1. Building an addition. As your family grows, your home may have to grow with it. Considering an addition? Consider this, too. More livable space will likely increase the value of your property and it may increase the protection you need.
  2. Renovating your kitchen. Before picking out finishes and starting demo, call an agent. Alert them about upcoming renovations so you’re covered if something goes wrong during construction. Upon completion, have your policy adjusted to ensure adequate replacement coverage for your newly finished kitchen.
  3. Adding a pool. Putting in a pool can mean days of fun. But it can also mean added coverage for liability, increased home value, and risk. A portion of liability coverage may already be included in your home policy, but more coverage can protect you from costly medical expenses related to accidents or injuries that happen on your property. It’s also important to note some insurance carriers do not cover pools, which may lead to a cancellation of your current policy. An agent will advise you about coverage options and additional pool safety measures, like fencing.
  4. Adding an office for a home business. Are you operating a hair salon, yoga studio, music class, or small business from home? Businesses, especially those with frequent foot traffic, need more coverage. Talk to an agent about what’s included in your homeowners policy and if additional coverages are needed to add protection and peace of mind.
  5. Redoing your roof. Replacing a roof is very costly. But, it’s the part of your home that prevents water and weather damage and extends protection for decades. An agent can help determine if you qualify for a discount on the renovation and share how your rates may improve with this home update.
  6. Building a deck. Though it’s outside your home, adding a deck can increase your home’s property value. Is your deck on the second story or higher? Talk to an agent about the details of the renovation so your policy can be adjusted for risk and value.

It’s important to keep open lines of communication with an agent before starting a home renovation project. An agent will ensure you have adequate coverage to protect your investment, so you can enjoy your renovations with more peace of mind. Curious about a current or upcoming project? Talk to one of our local, independent agents today.