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Frankenmuth Insurance Scholarship Foundation Announces 2021 Scholarship Recipients

Frankenmuth Insurance is pleased to announce the 2021 recipients of scholarships through the Frankenmuth Insurance Scholarship Foundation, which supports scholarship programs for Frankenmuth High School seniors, as well as college upperclassmen whose parent or legal guardian is an employee of Frankenmuth Insurance or an independent insurance agency that represents Frankenmuth Insurance or its subsidiary, Patriot Insurance.

42 students were chosen by a selection committee through the Frankenmuth Community Foundation, which administers the Frankenmuth Insurance Scholarship Foundation programs. The recipients were selected based on their interest in pursuing an industry-related education, outstanding academic performance, extracurricular involvement in school activities, and participation in community service projects. In addition, each applicant was required to submit a short essay about why they should be selected as a scholarship recipient.

“The insurance industry is a great place to be, it is always evolving and offers endless career opportunities. We are happy to help promote the industry and highlight just how important it is through our scholarship program,” says Timothy Donnellon, Vice President of Human Resources for Frankenmuth Insurance, who serves as the chairperson of the Frankenmuth Insurance Scholarship Foundation Committee. “Similarly, it is an honor to support the bright futures of our partners and employees’ children. We are eager to see how each student impacts the insurance industry for years to come.”

Please join us in recognizing the following 2021 recipients:

Children of Frankenmuth Insurance Agency Employee Scholarship Program

  • Allison Mitter
  • Bailee Fritz
  • Cameron Pope
  • Cole Kendall
  • Elisabeth Sanborn
  • Isabelle Latsch
  • Jacob Roberts
  • Jake Huber
  • Jessica McAtee
  • Justin Parry
  • Kale Diestel
  • Lillie Smith
  • Luke Hollingsworth
  • Madison Coil
  • Maggie Finn
  • Matthew Diederich
  • Matthew Jalnos
  • Maxwell Mahoney
  • Megan Garter
  • Michael Winay
  • Noel DenHouter
  • Norah Grojean
  • Todd Gyurke
  • William Pearman
  • William Hamilton

Frankenmuth High School Scholarship Program

  • Aubrie Jacob
  • Sarah Keinath
  • Delaney Knoll
  • Zakery McLeod

Children of Frankenmuth Insurance Employee Scholarship Program

  • Ayesha Panda
  • Devin Neumann
  • Jason Smith
  • Joseph Mossner
  • Joshua Anderson
  • Leslie McMartin
  • Madison Eichhorn
  • Nicholas Konovalenko
  • Olivia Zielke
  • Ryan Kern
  • Ryan Beyers
  • Taylor Streeter
  • Tyler Shea

A total of $81,000 in scholarships were awarded from the Frankenmuth Insurance Scholarship Foundation for 2021, which is one of three Foundations established to forward the company’s founding principle – neighbor helping neighbor. The Foundation offers support in the following areas:

  • Charities – Organizations building better communities in the areas where Frankenmuth Insurance employees, agents, and policyholders live and work.
  • Scholarships – Grants that help students with the costs of attending accredited colleges or universities.
  • Educational Opportunities – Initiatives that attract and prepare students for careers in the insurance industry, or otherwise support educational initiatives in communities that Frankenmuth Insurance serves.

To learn more about the Frankenmuth Insurance Foundation, visit the Community Involvement page on fmins.com.