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The pandemic has caused many business owners to look at their leases. They may be downsizing due to a majority of staff working remotely. Or, increasing their square footage to account for social distancing. No matter the motive, moving an office or business can be a large undertaking and requires ample preparation. When you follow this office move checklist and plan ahead for every step, you’re sure to have a more seamless and successful transition.

Office move checklist: Six months in advance.

  • Review your lease. Look at the fine print to ensure you aren’t missing items or clauses you originally signed off on (like patching holes and paint) and are on track for the correct move-out date.
  • Communicate your plan. Tell your landlord you will not be renewing your lease and alert your team of your upcoming plans.
  • Make a planning team. Elect a team to oversee the move. They can spearhead logistics, ensure files are properly backed up, act as point people for your team and movers, and see the process through from beginning to end.
  • Secure movers. Because you likely have large office furniture pieces, it can be helpful to have movers walk through your property before giving a quote. Book them early so you don’t run into a bind.
  • Make a relocation budget. Moving comes with hidden expenses. Set a budget in advance and work within it so you don’t put additional strain on your operations.

Office move checklist: Three months in advance.

  • Alert vendors and clients of your move. Now’s a good time to tell individuals outside your organization that you are moving. Provide your new office address, contact information, and your plan for any interruption in service they may experience.
  • Map out the new space. Get the floor plan and measurements of the new space so you can plan out where things will go when they arrive. Decide where employees will sit, where they’ll park, how the storage room will be laid out, etc.
  • Make an inventory list. Walk through your office to write a list of inventories you currently have and what additional items you will need in the new space.
  • Alert your insurance agent. It’s important to communicate your move to your local agent, so your contact information is current and coverage follows you to the new location. Your agent will let you know if you need to adjust your policy or coverage, as well as if you need moving insurance.
  • Back up files and documents. To protect your clients’ and your business’s sensitive information, back up all files before moving.

Office move checklist: One month in advance.

  • Purchase moving supplies. Supply boxes, tape, and bins so team members can pack up their spaces and you can pack up the office.
  • Build excitement around the move. Don’t let employee morale take a dip during this time. Build excitement around the new location, the new floor plan you’ve designed, nearby restaurants, and more. Keeping your team happy during the move makes the process even smoother.
  • Arrange for phone and internet service. The last thing you want after your move is an interruption in service. Work in advance to get phone and internet set up before you arrive. In addition, make a note to cancel internet, electric, and gas at your existing property.

Office move checklist: One to two weeks in advance.

  • Confirm, confirm, confirm. Ensure your movers have the correct date and arrival time. Double check that the phone and internet service will be up and running at your new location. Have your planning team put final details in place.
  • Update your materials. Prepare in advance to update your Google My Business listing, business cards, email signature, social media, website, printed materials, and more.

Office move checklist: Moving day.

  • Make the environment comfortable. Arrange to have the air conditioning or heat on, if applicable.
  • Supply snacks and refreshments. Boost morale with water, snacks, or lunch on moving day. Just ensure you’ve worked these expenses into the budget.
  • Celebrate. You’ve completed a momentous move – enjoy the work you and your team have done and take in your new space.

Looking for more help while moving to your new office space? Curious if you have the business protection you need during and after? Talk to a local, independent agent today.