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Insurance isn’t just essential, it’s personal. When choosing a carrier for your business, home, auto, and life needs, you want a company that has it all: great policies combined with great people. A carrier that protects your assets and livelihood and works hard to earn your business every day adds that much more peace of mind. When you work with a reputable insurance company like Frankenmuth Insurance, you won’t just get comprehensive coverage, you’ll get these five added benefits:

  1. A reliable history. Knowing a company is trusted by previous customers can make all the difference. When looking into an insurance carrier, consider how long it has been in business and research its financial strength and stability prospects for the future. Companies that have stood the test of time must have done so for a reason. With decades or centuries of experience, you can feel more confident in the carrier’s products and outlook. In addition, see what current customers are saying about the company and if it has any rankings or awards. When you see accolades like AM Best “A” (Excellent) ratings and A+ Better Business Bureau ratings, you know carriers like Frankenmuth Insurance are providers you can trust.
  2. Guidance and expertise. Insurance agents should be insurance experts. It’s a given they’ll set you up with coverage, but how do you know you’re really covered? Look for carriers and agents who value personal conversations and take the time to get to know you, your personal needs, and business needs. These personal conversations and connections are tenets at Frankenmuth Insurance. It’s why countless customers trust their business, home, auto, and life insurance needs to our team.
  3. Fast, fair claims. Losses happen. And when they do, having claims reporting available 24/7/365 is crucial. Round-the-clock claims help you get back to life or business more quickly. But they should be trusted, too. At Frankenmuth Insurance, we have consistent high claims satisfaction ratings above 95%, indicating customers can count on us for fast, fair claims.
  4. Value-added services. Does your current carrier go above and beyond your standard insurance protection? When insurance companies offer value-added services like Frankenmuth Insurance does for personal and commercial customers, you know they have your best interest at heart.
  5. An insurance partner you can trust. When you work with a reputable insurance company, you shouldn’t have to worry about what ifs. That’s what we do. A valuable partner handles things in the background so you can focus on your life and operations. You know coverage is there for every twist and turn, offering peace of mind wherever you go. And if issues or claims do arise, someone’s just a phone call away to help you get fair results.

Great insurance partners are there for you during ordinary times and in times of need. When choosing a carrier, ensure it has these five traits of a reputable insurance company. Frankenmuth Insurance has proudly offered these and more benefits to customers for more than 150 years. And we’re here for you, too. Talk to one of our local, independent agents about our coverage options today.