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Contractors insurance


Our commercial insurance for contractors builds a layer of protection around your work.

At Frankenmuth Insurance, we know construction work presents unique risks. Mishaps like damaging client property or injuries can happen in an instant … and the results can be unthinkable. Protect your construction business with an insurance policy that combines the right general liability and business property coverage. Our commercial insurance for contractors can range from a standard policy to a custom-built policy with enhanced coverage.

Our contractors insurance program includes standard and custom-built policies with enhanced coverages for property and liability. Explore our Contractors Property Premier and Contractors Liability Premier offerings.

  • Contractors Property Premier
    To help you choose the right property coverage to align with your contracting needs, Contractors Property Premier features two levels: Premier 50 and Premier 150. Both options include more than 70 important inland marine, property, business income, and crime coverages, while allowing you to customize limits based on individual business needs.
  • Contractors Liability Premier
    Offers exceptionally broad and competitive coverages to ensure we have the coverages contractors, like you, value most.

Our commercial insurance for contractors includes coverage for:

  • The physical structure of your building and its contents (inventory, machinery, equipment, office materials)
  • Equipment and materials at your job sites
  • Defense in the event you are sued

Customize your policy with additional essential coverages you may need, like:

Explore our commercial insurance for contractors. Then talk to a local, independent agent about building your policy today.