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Vehicle manufacturers are continually introducing new technologies and vehicle safety features to keep drivers and passengers safer every time they’re on the road.

Let’s take a look at some vehicle safety features you should consider when looking for a new vehicle:

  1. Electronic stability control – Slows individual wheels while you’re turning to keep the vehicle on course
  2. Lane-keep assist – Detects when you may be veering out of a lane and steers the vehicle back into the correct one
  3. Adaptive cruise control – Monitors the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead and adjusts your speed automatically
  4. Active park assist – Helps parallel park the vehicle with no steering needed
  5. 360-degree camera – Improves your visibility when backing up or parking
  6. Rear cross traffic alert – Warns you of oncoming traffic from the side when backing out of a parking spot, including angled parking
  7. Blind spot warning – Alerts you when a vehicle moves into your blind spot
  8. Drowsiness alert – Uses automobile and driver data to indicate when you need a break
  9. Pedestrian avoidance – Provides a warning and automatically applies the brakes to avoid hitting a pedestrian
  10. Collision warning system – Alerts you when a collision is about to happen
  11. Inflatable seat belts – Deploys and spreads the force of a crash over an area of the body that’s five times greater than a traditional seat belt, further reducing the likelihood of injury
  12. Active head restraints – Headrests adjust upon collision to reduce impact and prevent whiplash
  13. Shatter resistant glass – A windshield that breaks into numerous, harmless pieces in the event of an accident
  14. Adaptive headlights – Brighten and dim based on road conditions
  15. Voice controls – Control the climate, navigation and even the windshield wipers with the sound of your voice

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