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Yacht Insurance

No matter how far you venture from shore, we’ll keep you anchored with comprehensive yacht protection.

There’s nothing like a day on the lake with your friends and family … soaking up rays, casting lines, and making waves. On the water or at the dock, we’ll make sure your yacht is protected so you can enjoy life without reservation.

Frankenmuth Insurance’s yacht insurance covers loss or physical damage and protects you financially from injuries and damages you may cause to others or those resulting from uninsured boaters. 

Our comprehensive yacht insurance is designed for yachts (outboard, inboard, inboard/outboard, and sailboat) 26 feet or more in length and valued at $30,000 ‒ $1.5 million.

Standard policies feature:

  • Agreed-upon hull value protection (no depreciation)
  • Replacement cost coverage for your engine(s) (10 years old or newer)
  • Personal property and equipment coverage
  • Medical payments
  • Emergency services, such as towing and assistance
  • Ice damage or freezing coverage
  • Uninsured boater coverage

Policies can be customized by purchasing supplemental coverages, including:

  • Yacht trailer coverage
  • Captain and crew coverage for medical payments related to injuries
  • Contract or common carrier coverage for contracted transportation services
  • Permanently attached electronic equipment for communication, navigation, or safety
  • Personal effects coverage for items belonging to you or your guests
  • Navigational trips outside standard policy destinations
  • Yachtsmen’s endorsement (additional coverage for medical payments, personal property, and towing)

Yacht insurance is available to individuals who dock primarily in the states of Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Policies are standalone and cannot be added to your existing homeowners policy with Frankenmuth Insurance. Talk to one of our local, independent agents about your coverage needs, and they’ll guide you to the protection that’s right for you.