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Identity Theft

Our identity protection services are available at no cost—no matter how often you need them.

If you find yourself a victim of identity fraud, we’ll find one of our personal fraud specialists to resolve your problem and restore your peace of mind. They’ll determine the best course of action, cut through the red tape and do most of the heavy lifting.

Powered by CyberScout®, America’s premier provider of identity services, our fraud specialists are available to help detect and resolve any issues you may experience. We offer:

  • Proactive services: If your wallet is stolen or you suspect your identity has been compromised, a fraud specialist can place a free fraud alert, when appropriate.
  • Resolution services: A fraud specialist works with you to stop fraudulent bills and charges. They’ll work with creditors and government agencies, and they’ll prepare notification materials. Victims of identity theft also receive one year of free fraud-monitoring services.
  • Document replacement: When documents are lost or stolen, a fraud specialist can help replace them. This includes driver’s license, Social Security cards, birth certificates and passports.

For news on the latest identity scams or resources to help you avoid becoming a victim, visit fmins.myideducation.com.. To talk to a fraud specialist, call 800.234.4433.