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Homeowners Equipment Breakdown

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

With homeowners equipment breakdown coverage, you can rest easy.

When it comes to your home, a great deal of comfort comes from things working as they should. A refrigerator to preserve your food, a water heater to take a hot shower, HVAC to maintain a comfortable atmosphere, a television to provide nightly entertainment. You know what these things are in your home. And you also know how inconvenient and costly it is to repair or replace these items. So, rest easier with homeowners equipment breakdown coverage from Frankenmuth Insurance.

Homeowners equipment breakdown is an affordable add-on coverage to Home ProtectorUltra Home Guardianrenters, or condo policies that eliminates gaps in your homeowners insurance coverage and protects you from unexpected costs due to mechanical, electrical, or pressure systems equipment breakdown.

Covered property includes:

  • Electrical or mechanical equipment, such as well pump motors or air conditioning compressors
  • Pressure systems, such as water heaters
  • Power surges, such as heating and cooling systems
  • Equipment that travels, such as laptops
  • Environmentally friendly appliances, such as solar panels
  • Refrigeration equipment, such as deep freezers
  • Additional coverage such as, spoilage, pollutant cleanup and removal costs, and for other reasonable costs to expedite repairs or replacement resulting from an equipment breakdown

Explore equipment breakdown scenarios your home could experience.

Equipment breakdown coverage does not provide protection for damage caused by general wear and deterioration.

Ready to protect every aspect of your home with even more peace of mind? Talk to one of our local, independent agents today. Our equipment breakdown endorsement is available in Michigan and Ohio. Coverage is available in Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire through our subsidiary, Patriot Insurance Company. Please ask your independent agent for specific coverage details.

This page is designed for informational purposes only and does not determine liability.