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The holidays are coming closer and closer, so it’s time to start thinking about your loved ones’ wish lists. And this season, we invite you to support small businesses all across the country – just like the thousands we’re proud to call policyholders.

When you support small businesses on Small Business Saturday, you also:

  1. Create jobs in the community. A report by the Small Business Administration stated that small businesses (under 500 employees) make up 99.7% of U.S. employer firms and about 64% of new private-sector jobs.
  2. Keep tax dollars local. Small businesses pay taxes directly to your city and county, supporting local schools, emergency services, and more. Often, they also support local charities or neighbors in need.
  3. Support a business that reflects the kind of place where you live and work. Small businesses add style and charm to an area, likely increasing the desirability of a neighborhood and potentially providing a positive impact on property values.
  4. Help other small businesses succeed. Like attracts like – when one small business is successful, it stands to reason that others will follow.
  5. Find unique products. Small business owners have more opportunity to sell products that are handmade or produced in smaller quantities. Often, you may find products that are sustainably sourced or made by independent artisans.
  6. Experience superior customer service. Small business owners truly appreciate your support and often take additional time to make your shopping visit a success. They value you as an individual and make sure you know it.
  7. Help a business owner find financial independence. People from all ethnicities and all walks of life have the opportunity to succeed with a small business, whether it is a shop, a restaurant, or even a service.

Are you an entrepreneur? See how the team at Frankenmuth Insurance supports small businesses, just like yours. Find a local, independent agent in your community.