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In an increasingly volatile world, more and more people are developing the internet’s version of a curfew, a chaperone, or maybe even your mother.

These ingenious apps can help shield you in a variety of situations – both when you are near your phone or, in some cases, away from it.

Here are a few of our favorites:

1. bSafe – More than one million downloads can’t be wrong. bSafe is a popular app that lets you set up a network of family and friends who serve as partners in your safety. Allow the app to use your location and follow you home, then alert your network when you’re home safe. Or, have it alert your network if you don’t check in.

2. Kitestring – Proactively set up Kitestring to send you text messages while you are out. If you don’t respond, the app will alert your emergency contacts.

3. Bugle – Created with input from emergency workers, this app is often used by outdoor enthusiasts, but works for anyone who doesn’t want to keep a phone on them all the time. Preset how long you will be gone and where you are going. Then, if you don’t check in, your contacts will be alerted.

4. SafeTrek – Activate SafeTrek when you feel threatened, and keep your thumb on the button until you’re safe. Once your thumb is removed, you will be asked to enter a 4-digit code. If you don’t enter it, the police are called. This app could be useful for a long walk to the car alone, or if you are caught in a situation with a stranger that you are unsure of.

5. Red Panic Button – Another GPS-enabled app, Red Panic Button alerts your emergency contacts with your address and location as soon as you hit the icon. A new feature is the emergency number that is preset and automatically called when you hit the icon.

6. Watch Over Me – This app allows you to preset the amount of time you want to be monitored, and send notes and photos about what you are doing or who you are with. When time runs out, if you have not hit “I’m Safe,” the app automatically notifies your contacts with your location, notes, and even pictures or a video you have uploaded. In an emergency situation? Safety features turn on when the phone is shaken, starting your video camera and alarm and sending an alert to emergency contacts.

7. Circle of 6 – This app was originally created to prevent sexual violence, but can be used in many situations. Just set up six trusted emergency contacts, and you’ll be able to alert them with the tap of an icon when you need help. Depending on the icon you choose, you can ask for a call to help you get out of an awkward situation, for a pickup at your GPS coordinates or simply ask for a call to talk.

8. React Mobile – This safety app is paired with a Bluetooth panic button for when your phone is not in hand. From your phone, the app offers three options, including “I’m Fine,” “Follow Me” (which uses GPS and lets contacts follow you) and “SOS Help Me,” which sends contacts an emergency alert and notifies authorities. Left your phone behind? Just hit the panic button to send an alert to preset contacts and local law enforcement.

When it comes to your safety and well-being, don’t procrastinate. Choose and download an app today, and talk to your Frankenmuth Insurance agent about how insurance policies can add to your peace of mind – protecting your property, your assets and your family. To start a conversation, find a local, independent agent in your area.