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In an emergency, people need to know you’ll be doing “business as usual,” even if others near you are experiencing difficulties. They’ll want to hear if you’re still in business, and if you aren’t, they’ll want to know how soon you’ll be up and running again. The more informed you can keep your customers and partners, the happier they’ll be. And when it comes to successful businesses, that’s the key.

To make sure you know your customers, contacts, suppliers and vendors (and know how to reach them), we recommend using our printable contact information form. Duplicate the following form for each contact.
Disaster Preparedness Guide: Know your customers

Tips to keep customers informed:

In addition to keeping contact information current by filling out a form for each customer, consider these ways to keep customers informed in an emergency:

  • Set up a designated emergency phone number with a recorded message.
  • Send texts for quick updates.
  • Send messages via social media such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • Make announcements on your company website.

Tips to keep contacts informed:

Fill out forms for each of your contacts, such as:

  • Accountant
  • Bank
  • Billing/invoicing service
  • Building manager/owner
  • Building security
  • Insurance agent/broker
  • Insurance company
  • Internet service provider
  • Payroll provider
  • Public works department
  • Telephone company
  • Utilities

 Tips to keep suppliers and vendors informed:

No matter how prepared your business is for an emergency, you won’t be able to resume business operations if your suppliers and vendors can’t deliver. And that could cause you to lose customers. To protect your business, fill out a contact form for each supplier and vendor, and also take these precautions:

  • Make sure your suppliers and vendors are not all in the same geographic location as you.
  • Have alternate or backup suppliers and shippers in place.
  • Request copies of your suppliers’ business continuity plans.
  • Establish a notification list and procedures

To know your customers, contacts, suppliers and vendors, download our printable contact information form now.

Frankly speaking, the best businesses are prepared for the worst, and our Disaster Preparedness Guide has you covered.