Let’s have a frank conversation.

Some insurance brands are thrifty. Some are quirky. Others are quick with a quote. And some are real characters. But at Frankenmuth Insurance, we’re frank. Frank as in direct, honest and sincere.

Our brand of authenticity may seem a little boring in an industry where carriers enlist Academy Award winning actors and special effects to pitch policies. But, we’re okay with that. Frankly speaking, we’re not in the entertainment business. We’re in the business of protecting families and businesses.

We’re proud of our brand. It’s more than five generations deep, and it’s enriched countless lives. Backed by  Frankenmuth Insurance, our policyholders have started families, built lives and grown businesses. All the while, they’ve put their insurance at the back of their mind, knowing it’s always at the top of ours.

That’s why when it comes to our new brand campaign, we wouldn’t want you to expect a talking squirrel or Broadway star. In fact, our “Frankly Speaking” video features our employees — the real insurance pros who we work with every single day.

In the video, we played it straight. We honored our brand. And we honored the independent insurance agents who represent it. All of the above make us proud to announce that our video was recently honored with a gold Service Industry Advertising Award.

The SIAAWARDs recognize the creativity and communication accomplishments of the service industry, honoring the best service industry advertisements, print communications, websites, TV radio, electronic communications and social media.

Have questions about the award or our new campaign? Let’s have a frank conversation. Contact us today.