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Commercial Real Estate insurance

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Your tenants depend on you to keep their doors open. Let our insurance protection help you do that.

Owning commercial buildings that are in good repair and are operable for tenants is often a full-time job. Building maintenance, managing liability risks, and resolving equipment breakdowns are just a few concerns real estate owners, like you, may face. That’s where a trusted insurance partner can make a real difference. So you can focus on more important things like collecting rent and keeping your tenants happy.

We recommend starting with a commercial package policy, which includes coverage for:

  • The physical structure of your building and its contents
  • Injuries your tenants, vendors, or their customers may sustain
  • Defense in the event you are sued

For increased coverage limits and protection when equipment breaks down, complete your policy with these additional coverages:

Not all business insurance needs are the same. Talk to one of our local, independent agents today about the protection that’s right for you.