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Professional Liability insurance

Professional Liability Insurance

Accidents happen. We’ll help minimize the impact when they do.

We know mistakes can be made, and that’s why we offer professional liability insurance, also called Errors & Omissions. Errors & Omissions coverage protects businesses from claims related to advice or services provided. Our professional liability coverage has been uniquely tailored to meet the needs of contractors and manufacturers. It covers damages due to faulty workmanship, material, design, or product.

Professional liability insurance is important for:

  • Contractors
    Let’s say you’ve wired a home that was under construction. Once the family moves in, they find that a wire was defective—causing their home to burn down. The general liability portion of your commercial insurance policy would provide coverage for the damage to the home, but your Contractors Errors and Omissions policy would cover the cost of rewiring the home.
  • Manufacturers
    Pretend you’re a molded plastics manufacturer and your company produces the containers and lids that store certain food products. Unfortunately, the lids don’t seal properly, and your customer’s product is contaminated. The general liability portion of your policy will cover the product. The Manufacturers Errors and Omissions policy will cover the cost of manufacturing replacement lids.

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